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The founder of INTERBOILERMARINE Kyriakos Sparidis began his professional career in Ship Repairs in 1974, working at the Elefsina Shipyards, where he acquired specialization in the repair and manufacture of boilers and coolers.

INTERBOILERMARINE was created as the culmination of its founder's many years of experience and deep knowledge of the demands of the shipping sector. Our Company is able to provide complete reconstruction and repair of main boilers, auxialiary boilers, gas boilers, economizer, coolers, atmospheric condenser,waterfresh generator, oil coolers and heaters based on the strictest criteria and international standards, given the respect to the requirements of its customers.

INTERBOILERMARINE has the necessary equipment from fixed and mobile machinery, necessary for the construction and repair of boilers and refrigerators, which in combination with the extensive technical training of its staff, enables it to undertake the most demanding tasks. The use of certified technicians and procedures and materials ensures the high quality of our services.

Our company has the ability to undertake repairs and re-constructions of all types of boilers and coolers based on a technical plan or on site measurements, at the fastest times and at the most competitive prices in all ports and shipbuilding world and also at sea. Our Company operates according to the requirements of the international standard. ISO 9001: 2008 BUREAUVERITAS.